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Why Dry-Aged Steaks Are The Way to Go

Why Dry-Aged Steaks Are The Way to Go

If you have not tried a dry-aged steak, you are seriously missing out on the ultimate steak experience.

Steaks, “dry-aged” for (an approximately) 30-day period are bursting with flavor and incredibly tender.

There are two primary ways to “age” steaks. First, steaks are almost always aged for at least 4 days before you can buy them. Beef which is not aged has an unappealing metallic flavor. In your average supermarket, you will find “wet aged” steaks. These steaks are wrapped in their own juices and have a very short shelf life before they can no longer be sold.

Dry-aging is the second primary method for aging steak. The process takes place in a controlled environment. Dry-aging allows the flavors of the meat to become concentrated. The the other major factor in dry aging is that the meat naturally becomes more tender. The quality of the meat is greatly enhanced and considered to be far more desirable than wet-aged (which was developed in order to serve shoppers on a mass-distribution level). Mass distribution was made to provide food quickly and on a tremendous scale, rather than to provide the highest quality food.

There’s even a distinction between dry-aging for mass distribution as well. Meat distributors will take most any cut of beef and dry age it on a large scale, and then sell it to butcher shops and restaurants who can now claim that the steak is “aged.”

For the ultimate dry-aged steak, you want a facility which picks the best cuts of meat available and then dry-ages them in house. Why? Because then the process can be ultimately controlled to maximize the flavor and tenderness. How is the beef selected and cut? What is the exact temperature used? How is the cut exposed to the temperature? Exactly how many days does it take to bring out the most flavor and finest texture?

This is the process that Great Falls Bistro uses to create its bone-in Rib Eye steaks. GFB controls the process. It’s not “bulk dried” and then distributed to a number of restaurants.

This steak is CRAFTED.

The finest cuts are selected and butchered on site. It is then aged in-house for over 30 days. You’ll have a difficult time finding a better steak in the state.

There is no better opportunity to try a finely-crafted steak, the way steak was meant to be!

Have You Inoculated Yourself Against the Cold? Featured Cocktail of the Week – 50% off

Have You Inoculated Yourself Against the Cold? Featured Cocktail of the Week – 50% off

Forget about Mom’s chicken noodle soup! It might be cold outside, but you can warm your insides with Great Falls Bistro’s custom-blended anti-freeze—the GFB Flu Shot.

This robust cocktail is sure to keep your inner fire burning.

The syringe contains: Bulleit Bourbon, honey Vodka, pear puree, ginger puree, lemon juice, blue agave, ginger ale and cinnamon spice.

To ensure that you fight off the bug, GFB is offering all Flu Shots at 50% off for the rest of the week.

Announcing Steak Night (Wednesdays) and Date Night (Thursdays)

Announcing Steak Night (Wednesdays) and Date Night (Thursdays)

Great Falls Bistro is now offering Steak Night specials every Wednesday and Date Night specials every Thursday.

The first Steak Night kicked off with a complimentary glass of wine when ordering any steak. Other specials include complimentary sides, an “upgrade” to to the 40oz Rib Eye and discounted meal offerings.

Date Night launched on November 14 with a “Buy a drink and your date gets a complimentary drink on the house” special. Other specials will be announced regularly on social media, in emails and on the events calendar.

To sign up for the email newsletter, drop us a note in the “Contact Us,” link.


Featured Seasonal Cocktail of the Week: Blood Orange Sangria!

Featured Seasonal Cocktail of the Week: Blood Orange Sangria!

This is no ordinary sangria! The Blood Orange Sangria is a complex blend of complimentary flavors, all harmonizing to arouse your taste buds!

GFB dices blood orange and fresh apples and adds white wine. But it doesn’t end there. To enhance the sangria experience, brandy, apple cider and blue agave are also added to bring added excitement to this traditional cocktail.

To view all 14 of GFB’s seasonal cocktails, click here.

National Happy Hour Day (Nov. 12), the Best Day to Enjoy the Seasonal Cocktails! Half Price Drinks All Day!

National Happy Hour Day (Nov. 12), the Best Day to Enjoy the Seasonal Cocktails! Half Price Drinks All Day!

November 12 is “National Happy Hour Day.” In order to celebrate it in style, GFB will be extending its Happy Hour prices until closing.All drinks will be HALF OFF from 4:00 p.m. until closing.

The creativity at GFB is unlimited. We are not only known for preparing extraordinary gourmet meals and phenomenal steaks read more…

It’s Not Too Late to Organize a Great Holiday Party!

It’s Not Too Late to Organize a Great Holiday Party!

It’s not quite the last minute yet, but locations for hosting holiday parties are going to fill up fast from here on out. Don’t get left out in the cold when it comes to organizing your company’s end-of-year blast. Following are tips to help you organize your party like a pro! If you want to give morale a boost, nothing lifts employee’s spirits like a well-organized holiday celebration. read more…

Autumn Apple Picking — Featured Cocktail

Autumn Apple Picking — Featured Cocktail

The local farms are becoming active with the onset of apple picking season. Pumpkins are becoming ever-more present and the scent of cinnamon is increasingly permeating the crisp air around us.

Let’s plan an adventure for our taste buds by combining several seasonal favorites into a symphony for the palate. The smokey-richness of malt, oak cask and peat with the crispy-sweetness reminiscent of our local apple picking season!

We present you with the Smokey Apple! A perfect pairing of an exclusive Laphroaig Lore Single Malt Scotch Whisky that is infused with hints of apple and a GFB sour mix — prepared daily in house.

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