If you have not tried a dry-aged steak, you are seriously missing out on the ultimate steak experience.

Steaks, “dry-aged” for (an approximately) 30-day period are bursting with flavor and incredibly tender.

There are two primary ways to “age” steaks. First, steaks are almost always aged for at least 4 days before you can buy them. Beef which is not aged has an unappealing metallic flavor. In your average supermarket, you will find “wet aged” steaks. These steaks are wrapped in their own juices and have a very short shelf life before they can no longer be sold.

Dry-aging is the second primary method for aging steak. The process takes place in a controlled environment. Dry-aging allows the flavors of the meat to become concentrated. The the other major factor in dry aging is that the meat naturally becomes more tender. The quality of the meat is greatly enhanced and considered to be far more desirable than wet-aged (which was developed in order to serve shoppers on a mass-distribution level). Mass distribution was made to provide food quickly and on a tremendous scale, rather than to provide the highest quality food.

There’s even a distinction between dry-aging for mass distribution as well. Meat distributors will take most any cut of beef and dry age it on a large scale, and then sell it to butcher shops and restaurants who can now claim that the steak is “aged.”

For the ultimate dry-aged steak, you want a facility which picks the best cuts of meat available and then dry-ages them in house. Why? Because then the process can be ultimately controlled to maximize the flavor and tenderness. How is the beef selected and cut? What is the exact temperature used? How is the cut exposed to the temperature? Exactly how many days does it take to bring out the most flavor and finest texture?

This is the process that Great Falls Bistro uses to create its bone-in Rib Eye steaks. GFB controls the process. It’s not “bulk dried” and then distributed to a number of restaurants.

This steak is CRAFTED.

The finest cuts are selected and butchered on site. It is then aged in-house for over 30 days. You’ll have a difficult time finding a better steak in the state.

There is no better opportunity to try a finely-crafted steak, the way steak was meant to be!