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Founded in 2016, by Shamir Einhorn, Great Falls Bistro has been serving an elevated dining experience to guests at one of the most unique locations in New Jersey. Shamir converted turn of the century factory space into a comfortable retro-chic atmosphere. The philosophy behind Great Falls Bistro is nothing short of inspired–A customer-centric celebration of flavors, focused on creating your ultimate dining adventure.


According to Einhorn, there are four primary ingredients to creating this ultimate gourmet dining experience…
Ambience, Food, Drinks and Time.


From the moment that you set foot into the restaurant, aged walls, rugged wooden floors and warm lighting remind you–this is a timeless space. Extra-large tables are custom-built, so that you may luxuriate in your surroundings. You will have plenty of room for extra dishes to enjoy. Attentive servers ensure that you are comfortable and that you choose the pace of your own meal. Stay as long as you would like. Even the parking lot is large and accommodating.


The Food

Shamir grills a dry-aged rib eye.

Shamir takes tremendous pride in selecting only the finest cuts of meat to be butchered on the premises and dry-aged for 30 days in GFB’s aging room. As head chef, he delights in creating daily and seasonal specials in an ever changing panoply of globally-inspired signature dishes. The menu never remains the same, except for a number of key favorites. Customers always marvel at the surprises which await them.

The Drinks

The wine cellar is as extensive as it is premium. An impressive selection of scotch, vodka, tequila, line the walls of the bar. Creative mixologists craft seasonal delights and specials, taking great care to ensure that the flavors are exciting and unique. Great Falls Bistro delights in arranging multi-course tastings–with an array of dishes prepared to pair perfectly with a celebrated glass of select wine or scotch. Join our newsletter to receive invitations for any future events.


Time is something you will never run out of at Great Falls Bistro. Just as the setting is timeless, you will never be rushed. We want you to enjoy every moment, as though you are in the comfort of your own home. Take as much time as you would like to savor the tantalizing flavors…artfully prepared to enrich your life through an elevated dining experience.



“Five Stars!”

Very impressed with our recent visit. Kind, accommodating, professional, and absolutely delicious (from a very picky customer)!

Great food · Hip atmosphere · Creative cuisine

Bonnie Goetz

We had a great meal and the desserts were out of this world. The service was excellent and the energy was high. You could tell everyone was enjoying their food. Well done!

Andrea J

Wow. What great food. What service. What incredible value. What a cool chic ambiance. Angel our waiter was excellent. Efraim at the bar was also wonderful Wish I could give more than 5 stars. Great Falls Bistro is a gem. TY for having great attention to detail and quality. Did I say wow

Open Table Diner from San Francisco

My wife and I came for dinner and we had one of our best experiences eating out. The ambiance is amazing, it’s quiet and great for intimate conversations and the mood music was perfect. The service was outstanding, we were never chasing down waiters, they anticipated our needs at every stage. Finally the food was delicious, we left full and totally happy.

Highly recommended!!


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