Gourmet cooking and crafting the perfectly-aged steak are art forms. The more that you love your creation, the more the art is appreciated by those who experience it. Below are some common questions in case you are curious.

What is dry-aged steak and why does that make a difference?

Dry-aged steak is when the most prime cuts of beef are selected to be stored in a specialized refrigeration unit for an extended period of time, allowing the meat’s natural flavor to become increasingly concentrated and also to reach a level of tenderness while still remaining fresh and healthy. This is a very controlled and balanced process which prevents the meat from spoiling and is a craft which is only performed by the highest quality butchers and restaurants.

Why are you closed on Fridays and Saturdays?

Great Falls Bistro is family owned. As members of the Jewish faith, our Sabbath begins on Friday evenings and ends on Saturday evenings. During the Sabbath, we are not permitted to conduct business or “initiate a spark” of any kind, be it electrical or fire. Therefore, we may not cook with flame or flip a power switch for lighting or cooking appliances. During the winter months, with an earlier sunset, we are able to commit to opening on Saturday evenings. When we do so, our hours will be reflected accordingly in online calendars.

Are there differences in quality between Great Falls Bistro’s dry-aged steaks and others?

There are 2 primary methods for crafting a dry-aged steak. Either the steaks can be purchased from a distributor who dry ages them in large volume, or the steaks are custom-crafted in-house. The mass-distributed steaks will be of a lesser quality, whereas if the beef is butchered and aged in-house, it can be hand-selected for the finest quality.

Like the famous steakhouses of Manhattan (i.e.Peter Luger’s or Old Homestead), we have our own facility for dry aging, and only select the finest quality meats. This is perfect for New Jersey residents who desire the perfect steak without traveling to the city. Plus, we have plenty of parking!

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