It’s not quite the last minute yet, but locations for hosting holiday parties are going to fill up fast from here on out. Don’t get left out in the cold when it comes to organizing your company’s end-of-year blast. Following are tips to help you organize your party like a pro! If you want to give morale a boost, nothing lifts employee’s spirits like a well-organized holiday celebration.

Choose Your Date

It’s important to know what date you are planning, so that you can call ahead and determine whether the space is available. Most holiday parties are scheduled during the first half of December on Friday or Saturday nights. So, if you’re considering one of the first 2 weekends in December, you have to act fast to see if space may still be available!

The Venue

You don’t think we’d recommend that you go anyplace else, do you? Great Falls Bistro offers a tremendous value for your holiday affair. First of all, the private room next to the dining area is huge. The factory chic ambiance adds a “cool factor” that you cannot match. It can be staged to your liking with tables dinner tables arranged to your liking, couches, coffee tables, lighting, etc. The menu is flexible to suit any budget. We recommend that you select a customized menu based on the number of guests you will be expecting. The friendly staff is hand-selected for their positive and helpful attitudes, so you may rest assured your coworkers will be well taken care of.

Okay, so you’re planning a little late, but you can still call us to find out when the room is available.

Type of Entertainment

Of course, this is up to you. You can keep it traditional with either a band, or a DJ, or you can get creative. Magicians, comedians, hypnotists and other entertainers are available to make your event memorable. If you want buzz about your holiday party, pick entertainment that’s exciting. Be sure to reach out as quickly as possible to secure your favored entertainment option. We simply can’t remind you enough that at this point, time is running out.

Cocktails and Cuisine

From snack foods to steak, Great Falls Bistro will provide you with the best menu for your budget. Yes, we do have a large wine selection available, but we can order cases of most preferred wineries and varietals. Spirits can range in quality depending on your preference as well. In-house, we carry a large selection of premium grade liquors. Another fun fact about Great Falls Bistro is how creative our mixologists can be—conjuring cocktails which get people talking for days.


One of the great advantages to Great Falls Bistro is the amount of furniture and equipment that we have on hand to help stage your event. We also have multiple connections with suppliers to help you customize your event in even greater detail. However, for all practical purposes, no, you do not have to seek additional chairs, tables, tableware, platforms, microphones and PA systems or other additions in order to host an extraordinary party. You have the flexibility to create the environment that you want.

Invite Your Guests

The best rule of thumb is to invite your guests 6 weeks ahead of time. In this case, you have cut it somewhat close, so you need to arrange your party ASAP to get the largest number of people to attend. Invitations can either be sent out by email, or through traditional mail. Let your guests know how to dress for this event. Let them know the date, time, location and how to RSVP. It’s also a good idea to create a few posters prior to the event and place them around the office in order to generate excited anticipation.


Great Falls Bistro is able to provide every level of staffing that your event requires from hosts to wait-staff. We hand-select each member of our staff to be attentive and friendly in order to provide you with the best service possible.


The Time for Waiting is Over!

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